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Workplace Improvement (cont. 2)

Workplace Improvement initiatives continue to be a priority regardless of the nature of a business.  As a veteran owned business, we are faced with many of the same concerns that loom over all businesses today. regardless of the industry.  There is a concern of how to qualify, train, mentor and retain personnel to fill vacancies that will be left by the retirement of current employees, the relocation or job shifts of some, or the necessary turnover of employees with inadequate skills, training, or work habits.

The National Association for Workplace Improvement’s (NAWI), goal is to work with their members is spearheading and coordinating the link between business and educational facilities in order to insure that a new supply of top quality educated and trained individuals are prepared to enter the manufacturing and technical workforce.

That same concern for maintaining a consistent pool of qualified talent has been projected by the Alliance of Health Reform.  In their April 2011 publication, they shared the results and the specifics of the medical profession’s future employee needs.  The conclusions of their exhaustive research into the current and future critical supply shortage of needed healthcare personnel are alarming!  Recognizing the talent drain and mobilizing programs to attract and promote adequate replacements is part of the supply side solution.

And, it is estimated that over the next several years the 78 million currently employed baby boomers will be retiring.  The Gen X’ers to replace them is a population estimated at only 44 million.  The fact is the current pool of available personnel is dwindling.  Knowing that future demands will be increasing while the supply of available talent is decreasing will require active intuitive initiatives by business leadership to avert the effects of this looming shortage.  As demand becomes greater and the human supply is lessening, the options for available good talent are greatly diminished.  Perhaps the goal of attracting the retaining good talent must be even more of a priority.

Next, some reminders of proven options what work!

Pushker Pandey


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