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Selecting The Right Size Desk

Traditionally there has been a standard “rule of thumb” when deciding the size of a desk for a position within a business. Although business office environments and cultures are always in transition, there are still questions of what has been the past guideline for desk selections.

Here are the general traditionally accepted guidelines per business position.

Let’s start with sales desk.  Yes, within a sales department there are levels of authority from executive to salesperson but here we will address the typical salesperson desk.  The size most frequently recommended and referred as a sales desk is a rectangular 30″ x 48″ with one set of drawers (pedestal).

A Manager’s Desk describes the next level of position for consideration.  Manager’s desk usually refers to a desk that is 30″ x 60″ or 66″ in length.  In the majority of cases it would be a rectangular shape with either one or two pedestals (sets of drawers).

An Executive Desk describes the desk size.  This desk is 36″ x 72″ in length.  It may accommodate a combination of pedestals.  It may also have pencil drawer or other features such a special fronts or shape.

Each of these desks may be configured into an L shape by adding a “return” to either the right or left side.  They could also have a Credenza, with or without a Hutch added.  There are U shaped configurations, Peninsula/Bullet Desk configurations and a variety of other options that may add to the usefulness of the desk being considered.

Like all business tools, the desk and other furniture selected should reflect the position and needs of the person assigned to it.

The furniture selection process must include adequate “space planning” to accommodate traffic flow and other factors.  Finally budget must be considered.  There are top-notch pre-owned products available at considerable savings and new products that have high quality but at price points for every business.

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